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About US

Top Tier Fire & Water Damage Restoration

Why Choose Top Tier Fire & Water Damage Restoration Services?

TOP TIER is a family-owned business that’s been operational for the last 20+ years serving the community. We are committed to serving your family through natural disasters due to storm, water, fire, and mold.


We Can Turn YOUR
Natural Disaster Experience Into A Positive With Structural Damage Remodeling

Usually, a water, fire, or mold problem overwhelms the customer with anger, grief, and some rare cases, depression depending on extent of damage, and the greater the damage the greater the stress and anxiety.

At TOP TIER we understand that it’s NOT just about restoring your property, but restoring your sanity, too. While most restoration companies do basic cleanup, we work diligently to help improve and bring your property back up to code.

Our remodeling team works side-by-side with our disaster relief team. Your assigned project manager will FIGHT for every penny of your restoration to get you that little extra you need to get that remodel you’ve been dreaming of.

This is a perfect way to take an otherwise terrible situation into a happy ending; taking lemons and turning them into lemonade.


We Do NOT Rub Elbows With Insurance Companies

One of the biggest issues some of our customers have had with some restoration companies is a matter of conflict of interest.

Some of our competitors have closely knit ties with insurance companies. When they asses your damages, they work out *special deals and rates* on behalf of the insurance company and don’t always have YOUR best interest in mind. They tend to lean a little closer to protecting the insurance company’s bottom-line.

Remember, you are NOT obligated to accept your insurance providers preferred restoration service or ANY contracted service for that matter. By LAW you have CHOICE – and when you CHOOSE —-, we work hard to get every dime of insurance money owed to you because YOU are OUR top priority!


Are you presently dealing with a water, fire, storm or mold related emergency? If so, TOP TIER'S got you covered. Time waits for no one as the harmful secondary damages take effect on your valuable property. The longer you wait, the more you have at stake.

Contact us NOW and we'll be at your door within 90 minutes or less!